Hadley Barrett

The unexpected sexologist

Restoring men’s intimate health

I’m a Nurse Practitioner and sexologist, for men just like you.

My passion is helping men restore their intimate health, and I do that by addressing the physical, and psychological sides of the issue.

My programs and consultations have helped thousands of men over the years, and if you decide to work with me I’ll show you how to improve your sexual function, your relationships and your overall quality of life.

Whatever your issue is, chances are I’ve seen it before and I can help you, right now.

For guidance, understanding and a road map through to the other side, join one of the online programs below. I look forward to helping you soon.

To solve your issue and understand what is happening and how to correct it join my online programs:

My project (3)

Prostate Cancer Penile Rehabilitation Program


Erectile Dysfunction Program

My project

Peyronies Program

My project (2)

Premature Ejaculation Program

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I’m sure there are people who set out in this life to be a sexologist.

I ended up there quite unexpectedly, although now, I couldn’t imagine doing anything else.

The opportunity to help so many people, through such difficult times in their lives is a gift, and one that I value enormously.

One in three people will have sexual dysfunction at some time in their lives, so if that’s you don’t worry, it’s perfectly normal and can often be resolved pretty quickly.

There are two questions I get asked all the time, so let’s just get them out the way right now, shall we?

“How did you become a sexologist?”

Well, I started off working in an Emergency Department when I was young, then I moved to the middle of nowhere, and it all kind of snowballed from there…

“What is a sexologist?”

Many think of Barbara Streisand in ‘Meet The Fokkers’ or Gillian Anderson in ‘Sex Education’, and if you asked my children they’d say that’s a fair assessment, but we actually do some pretty important work…

Penile Rehabilitation
Penile Rehabilitation Program

Specifically design for men who’ve been diagnosed with prostate cancer, this evidence based program is the only one of its kind in the world.

There are seven self-guided modules full of advice, information and exercises, and a step-by-step guide to getting you back in action as quickly as possible.

Once you get going it only takes 10 – 15 minutes a day, and there’s even things you can do, to get an erection straight away!

Erectile Dysfunction
Erectile Dysfunction Program

“My three-module online program is designed to empower you with the knowledge to address the root causes of Erectile Dysfunction and go beyond surface level solutions.

You will be guided through a range of treatment options which will allow you to take ownership of your Erectile Dysfunction recovery, and select the approach that feels right for you”.

Premature Ejaculation
Premature Ejaculation Program

Coming Soon!

Peyronies Program

Coming Soon!

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Sex is such an important part of our lives, and yet it’s one we hardly ever talk about.
I’d like to change that, and I’ve been doing it one conference, one podcast, one conversation at a time.

The Penis Project Podcast

The more we talk about all of this, the easier it is to overcome our problems and heal. At The Penis Project, join me, your nurse practitioner sexologist Melissa Hadley Barrett and pelvic floor physio Dr Jo as we talk to real men with real issues, and the experts too, and we try to do it from a place of understanding and good humour.

Melissa Hadley Barrett