Peyronies Program

Evidenced based treatment program for Peyronies disease

Help is available

This is an issue I am contacted about often; in fact, I would see 2-4 new patients a week with this condition in my clinic. These men have often seen many health practitioners and have done a lot of googling before I have met them. Often, they have been suffering in silence wondering what is wrong with them and imagining the worst-case scenario. I also met an alarming number of men who have asked their Dr or primary health care practitioner about their “wonky willy” to be told there is nothing that can be done, and they just have to live with it.

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Thankfully this is not the case and there is various treatment options available. These range from conservative treatments you can do at home to surgical correction.
Many of the men I see with this condition are referred to me by their urologist to be treated conservatively using medication, herbal supplements, topical application of cream and traction and/or vacuum pump devices. The protocol that I follow is derived from the latest research available and clinical experience of myself and colleagues.

This condition is very distressing and from both a mental and physical health perspective it is important that men get treatment as early as possible once this condition has occurred. With this in mind I have developed an online roadmap to start treating Peyronies disease at home. It is however very important that you do have a diagnosis of Peyronies disease.
So please do not self-diagnose. If you know you have Peyronies then this program is for you.


Not sure if you have PD?

If you think you may have PD but have not had a diagnosis, please see your primary health care practitioner or book an online consult with me.

Listen to the Podcast

To listen how two men who have followed this protocol and discuss their experiences listen to The Penis Project podcast episode 152.

Peyronies Disease knows no boundaries

It affects men worldwide, regardless of age or background. With a waitlist to see me of up to 12 weeks, I knew that I needed to find a solution that could provide faster access to my support and guidance.
That's why I'm passionate about offering a program that is accessible and affordable for everyone. Regain your confidence and get instant access to a program created by an experienced men's health enthusiast that you can watch anywhere in the world in the privacy of your own home.

"This three module online program is designed to provide you with an understanding of Peyronies disease and a clear roadmap to follow to reduce further penile shortening , reduce change in shape, correct deformity and most importantly improve function and restore intimacy."


Melissa Hadley Barrett

Mens Health Practitioner/ Sexologist