Welcome to The Penis Project Podcast. Connecting men through science, stories, solutions but most of all support.

This fortnightly podcast is dedicated to stories from men who have bravely recognised the importance of sharing their experiences, breaking down stigmas, and having no-filter chats about sexual health, cancer treatment and recovery, relationships and everything in between.

This is your online men's health support group where I answer questions you've always had but are too embarrassed to ask.

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Our Aim

Is to provide a podcast series and monthly newsletter that links science and the real stories of everyday men, by kick-starting a conversation on any topic that may impact on male health including but not limited prostate cancer.   There is a cultural shift happening – men are happy to talk, but how and where do they start a conversation about problems in their private parts? At the pub? By the pool? On their push bike? Not likely………. That’s why we have started The Penis Project.

In both Jo and Melissa’s clinical interactions and daily conversations they are often asked:

“Do you have any other patients with the same experience?”

The Penis Project podcast is for everyone who has a penis, knows someone who has one or would like to have one. In other words – EVERYONE!

The long-term objective is to reduce the stigma and reluctance of males to seek help for issues of their private parts and to create a conversation that is safe, accessible, and inclusive to all generations. From puberty and beyond, problems of the penis and private parts are part of everyday life and often, early intervention is the key to reducing potentially catastrophic outcomes. E.g. prostate cancer, testicular cancer, premature ejaculation, peyronies disease, depression, anxiety, relationship breakdowns and potentially suicide. Sadly- we have seen it all , and far too often…

The Penis Project podcast is perfect for you if you would like to hear real men just like you talk about how they dealt with various issues, if you are a health professional working in mens health and want more information and resources, or if you are a partner of someone having these issues. We also interview other health professionals and researchers about how they assist men. This podcast can be your virtual men’s health support group.

If you would like to be a guest on The Penis Project please contact us.


Melissa Hadley Barrett

Melissa Hadley Barrett – Sexologist & Nurse Practitioner 

Melissa is a Sexologist and Nurse Practitioner who's redefining men's health support. As the Director of the Restorative Sexual Health Clinic, Melissa supports patients both in metropolitan and regional Western Australia, extending her reach internationally through online consultations and is sought after international public speaker.

Beyond her clinical practice, Melissa has made significant contributions to academia, holding teaching and research positions at esteemed institutions like Curtin University and The WA Centre for Rural Health (formerly CUCRH).

Melissa is committed to providing men worldwide with access to intimate health education and treatment options. As the creator of the world's first and currently only Penile Rehabilitation Program for men recovering from prostate cancer, she has also designed programs for erectile dysfunction, Peyronie's disease, and premature ejaculation.

When Melissa isn't in the clinic, she enjoys spending time on Western Australia’s beautiful coastlines and hiking trails; and taking on (too many) renovation projects.

Dr Jo Milios (PhD)

Dr Jo Milios (PhD) is a Men’s Health Physiotherapist, Clinical Researcher (UWA) & Yoga Teacher and founder of not for profit charity, ‘PROST! Exercise 4 Prostate’ which provides a support & exercise program for any man diagnosed with Prostate Cancer.

Jo specialises in Men’s Health & currently works full time in private practice in 3 locations in Western Australia. 

Jo is also an educator/mentor to students & allied health professionals, teaching at Curtin University, UWA and Charles Sturt University as a casual academic. Jo has published 5 research articles in scientific journals. as part of her PhD and graduated from The University of Western Australia in December 2019.

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