Premature Ejaculation Program

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This is an issue I am contacted about often; in fact, I would see at least 5 new patients a week with this condition in my clinic. These men have often seen many health practitioners and have done a lot of googling before I have met them. Often, they have been suffering in silence and avoiding sexual encounters as they are so embarrassed about their situation. I also met an alarming number of men who have asked their Dr or primary health care practitioner about this issue to be told there is nothing that can be done, and they just have to live with it.

Thankfully this is not the case and there are various treatment options available. These range from conservative techniques you can practice and master, to oral medications that can slow you down. I find the best treatment regime is usually a combination for a while then to be weaned off the oral medication. This does of course depend on whether your PE is primary or secondary in nature. Now you may be wonder what does that mean? If so please see more information here

The protocol that I follow is derived from the latest research available and clinical experience of myself and colleagues. 

This condition is very distressing and from both a mental and physical health perspective it is important that men get treatment as early as possible once this condition has occurred. With this in mind I have developed an online roadmap to start treating premature ejaculation at home.  

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"This three module online program is designed to provide you with an understanding of Premature Ejaculation and a clear roadmap to follow to get you feeling confident and most importantly improve function and restore intimacy."

Melissa Hadley Barrett

Mens Health Practitioner/ Sexologist


Not sure if you have PE?

If you think you may have PE but have not had a diagnosis, please see your primary health care practitioner or book an online consult with me.

Listen to the Podcast

To listen how two men who have followed this protocol and discuss their experiences listen to The Penis Project podcast episode 152.