Best Sex Toys for Men’s Prostate Surgery Recovery

Guest Contribution: Brendan Lovel

Prostate cancer is spoken about an awful lot more than it used to be, which is great! We need to talk about these things, get them out in the open.

What's usually discussed is the various methods of treatment. Like how to get rid of prostate cancer, and also, even, how to stop the incontinence that can follow afterwards.
What's not discussed very much, however, is how to regain sexual function after prostate cancer treatment.

There are lots of ways to do this, but right now, we're going to discuss sex toys.

Now you may, or may not have used anything like this in the past, however from now on, it's a different playing field, so if you want to get back in the game - you might have to be a little more adventurous than you were in the past…

So, here's my thoughts on the best sex toys, to help with your prostate cancer recovery.

What sex toy assists the best with prostate surgery recovery ?

Most importantly you'll need a good quality penis pump, preferably one that's TGA approved as a medical device. Now to be honest, a penis pump is not necessarily what I would call a 'toy', and they're not really a whole lot of fun either. They are, however, extremely good for keeping your penis healthy.


And, yes, that's right, you do actually have to keep your penis healthy, just like you go to the gym for the rest of your body, your penis needs a bit of help now and again too, especially when you're recovering from prostate cancer surgery.


There's a very specific regime for this exact purpose, and you can download our fact sheet below.


OK, hold on, what exactly is a penis pump?

Right, fair enough. A penis pump is a plastic tube that's secured over your penis with a rubber ring. Then, you create a vacuum by pumping the actual device - kind of like a bicycle pump - and it helps your penis get hard, and remain so, during sex.

They're non-invasive, work pretty well when used properly, and don't cost an arm and a leg either.


Melissa's Pump Recommendations

OK, so as you can imagine penis pumps are pretty essential to my business, and helping men recover from prostate cancer surgery, along with a host of other issues men may have.

The penis pumps that I recommend are the Therapump, Bathmate and Vacurect.

Check out the Youtube videos below for more information on these pumps.

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Therapump LED Penis Pump



Vacurect Penis Pump


Bathmate Hydro Pump 2

Bathmate Hydro 7 Penis Pump


Now, onto the fun stuff

If you can't get an erection straight away, before you get upset about that, don't worry, there's a high chance of returning to normal service with a little bit of help.

Did you know you can actually have an orgasm even with a flaccid penis?!

That's right, you don't have to wait for an erection to return. Orgasms, erections and ejaculation are all separate, and if you watch this video below, I'll put you in the picture.


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Melissa's Toy Recommendations

Nevertheless, I am told that it's quite hard work masturbating with software, and this is where the sex toys can be useful. What's best is something that vibrates and delivers stimulation directly to the nerve bed by direct contact with the frenulum or perineum.

A product I recommend for that, is the Ring Vibrator by Ilo Wellness.

The Ilo Wellness Ring Vibrator provides an excellent level of stimulation, it's small, and neat enough to pop into a bedside drawer, and if inquisitive little people ever find it, they'll have no idea what it is.

You can use it yourself, and with your partner too for fun. The other toy from Ilo Wellness is the Curve, which is perfect if you are into anal play.

Another toy that's specifically designed for flaccid orgasm is the Pulse Duo by Hot Octopus.

The Pulse Duo is great for both couple and solo sex. The vibration has also been shown to improve nerve recovery.

There is also the Nero By Playful Beat Warming Stroker. Check out this blog on the Nero by our product tester Test-icle for some insight into this product.

I hope that's enough information to give you an idea of where to start, at least.

Wishing you all the best in your recovery, and enjoy!


Nero By Playful Beat Rechargeable Warming Stroker



Ilo Wellness Ring Vibrator



Ilo Wellness Curve Vibrator