Getting the Flag to Fly: More Than One Way to Hoist It!

Exploring solutions for Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction (ED) is a common concern for many men, in fact 1 in 5 men between the ages of 40-50 will have some ED, 1 in 3 50-60 and 1 in 2 over 60. The good news is there are multiple ways to address it. There is also Vacuum Erection Devices (VED) or penis pump and these are covered in more detail in other blogs

Let's dive into the three other primary methods:

Penile Implants

These are like the reliable workhorses of ED treatment. Penile implants are surgically implanted devices that offer consistent and on-demand erections. Think of them as the "always ready" option. User satisfaction rates are high, making them a long-term solution for ED. Research shows that 97% of men are satisfied with this option. It is important to note that this is surgery and there is a fair amount of discomfort for the first few weeks following but most of the men I speak to say they love their implant, and it was worse the discomfort. This option is great for those people for whom spontaneity is important. Please listen to The Penis Project podcast, Episode 29 for the surgeon’s perspective and 46 for the patient perspective.

ICI Injections (Penis Injections)

While the idea of sticking a needle in your manhood might sound daunting, many men have found success with intracavernosal injections. Surprisingly, it’s painless and can be a game-changer. Most men look horrified when I suggest this option however I have given 1000s of these injections and taught many men how to do them at home and they are always surprised to find there is little or no pain. I don’t expect you to believe me however since I am not a penis owner so please check out Episode 123 of The Penis Project podcast to hear Paul speak about his experience which is plenty having done well over 300 injections himself. Episode 30 and 3 also discuss patients real life experiences of using penile injections. I have also created a video on you tube to show you exactly how it is done. Knowledge is power so please be informed before you decide this option is not for you.

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PDE 5 Medications (Penis Pills):

Viagra(Sildenafil), Cialis(Tadalafil), Vardenafil(Levitra) and Spedra (Avanafil) are the medications in this group, brand names will be different in different countries. They come in pill form and work by enhancing blood flow to the penis. Keep in mind that you need some functioning nerves for these pills to work effectively. See this you tube video for and explanation of this here

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There is a lot of urban myths about these medications such as people think you take them and then you get an erection instantly, this is not case and they do not raise your blood pressure so make sure you don’t discount this option without being fully informed.

In summary, there's no one-size-fits-all solution for ED. It's more like choosing a personal style that suits you best. Many individuals even transition between these methods as their circumstances change. The key is to stay open-minded, consult with a healthcare professional, and find the approach that allows you to enjoy satisfying intimate moments. Remember, it's all about finding what works for you!

So where to from here?

If you would like a roadmap to deal with erectile dysfunction or you have been diagnosed with prostate cancer I have two online self-directed programs that you may be interested in.

They both explain how erections happen and why they fail as well as teaching you how to deal with these issues. The programs explain medication, how it works and what exercises and other therapies can be done to improve erectile function and penile health.