FirmTech Tech Ring

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Introducing the FirmTech Tech Ring (FTR), a revolutionary erection ring for men. This ergonomically designed ring combines technology and comfort to enhance your performance in the bedroom. With the help of built-in sensors, it tracks and monitors vital signs of erectile fitness, giving you a clear understanding of your sexual health. Whether you’re experiencing Erectile Dysfunction or want to maintain peak performance, this medical-grade, adjustable elastomer ring is the perfect solution. It’s also USB rechargeable and comes with a satisfaction guarantee. Experience the advancements of this innovative men’s health ring today.


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Melissa says “ This ring is a game changer for men who want to be sure their penis is getting the 20-30 nocturnal erections each week whilst in REM sleep. These erections are what keeps your penis healthy. Illness, medications, stress, weight gain and other factors can affect your nocturnal erectile function and your performance. This ring enables you to track what is happening and make positive changes to improve function and health. If you have had cancer treatment and undergoing a penile rehabilitation program then this can tell you when your nocturnal erections are back so you can give the pumping a rest.”  For more information about penile rehabilitation see here:


To learn more about the FirmTech Tech Ring, listen to The Penis Project Podcast (available on Apple, Spotify, Audible) Episode 142 where we interview Dr Elliot Justin the inventor.


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