Lelo Lily 3 – Calm Lavender

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This discreet little gem is perfect for travelling or putting in your handbag. Small in stature but big on performance. This toy is a powerhouse in your hand.

If this pleasure gadget were a person, it would be the superhero of the adult toy world, and it’s dressed in sleek, sexy silicone spandex (not really, but we wish).



Don’t be fooled by its demure appearance. This tiny titan packs more punch than a kangaroo on an espresso binge. It’s so discreet; it could moonlight as your chapstick or a fancy pen, and no one would be the wiser. Your secret stash of fun just got a lot more stylish!

But that’s not all, folks. The Lily 3 knows how to be discreet in more ways than one. With a volume that’s quieter than a sleeping sloth’s whisper, you can explore your desires without waking the neighbors or your judgmental pet parrot.

Whether you’re riding solo or inviting a friend to join the party, the LELO Lily 3 has your back, or well, your front. Just remember, it’s all in good, clean, and outrageously fun humour. Time to spice things up and embrace the joy with the pocket-sized superhero that is the Lily 3!

Also, if you have pelvic pain, perineal pain or a hypertonic (tight) pelvic floor, this is a great little massager to use on the perineum, it really hits the spot.

Don’t forget lube improves sensation, but make sure the lube you choose is safe for sex toys. This is a great product to use with the Lelo Lily 3

Eros Aqua Hyaluron & Panthenol 100ml

Is sex dirty? According to Woody Allen “Only if it is done right.”, but dirty toys are never good so check out our recommended toy cleaner here

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