Never Say Never

Hello fellow travellers! Where have I been!?  Yep, it is over two years since I last updated my journey.  You might recall that I was having heaps of fun testing some of Melissa’s new toys. 

These days I prefer to use the term “rehab device” rather than toy as it kinda broadens our focus from fun to “fun + benefit”.

What happened you ask?  Back to the story…  I disappeared a couple of years back because I gave up.  My progress plateaued.  I started rehab with RS Health in mid-2020.  I recall chatting to Melissa about recovery time and I only listened to the bit I wanted to hear.  2 years.  I became fixated on 2 years.  In mid-2022, when the 2 years were up, I did a dummy spit. Sure, injections worked as did the pump, but there no nerve connections, no spontaneous “signal” and no sustained hardware.  My bad.  Melissa never promised 2 years.  I heard what I wanted to hear.

I went into “maintenance mode”.   Vac pump once a week just to avoid total shrinkage.  But no optimism. 

There is a lovely story about a butterfly hunter that spent years obsessively looking for one particular butterfly.  Eventually, she became so exhausted, she collapsed in an olive grove and fell into a long and deep sleep.  When she awoke, the illusive butterfly was perched on the end of her nose.

About 6 months ago, I was enjoying an outside garden shower on a beautiful barmy evening.  Quite without warning, I sensed a modest chuppa.  Well hello stranger! Firmware for sure, but certainly not hardware.  As a defence mechanism, I kinda ignored it.  A few weeks later…   same again.  And again.  Only firmware but very definitely spontaneous.  Was this the start of some nerve connections?

I should say at this point that my prostatectomy was radical.  “Take the bloody lot mate”.  The prospect of any nerve connection was really always “optimistic”.

But here I was with the undeniable progress of some nerve signals.  I contacted Melissa, apologised for my absence, and made an appointment.  And as it so happens in life, my exciting news was matched with Melissa sharing her exciting news.  Enter the FirmTech Performance Ring (1).

Melissa explained: “for a patient like you that is getting some early signals, the FirmTech is essentially a one-way valve so that any progress might well be sustained”. Test time!!  Melissa recommended the following test:  20mg Tadadafil 60 minutes before the test.  Place the FirmTech on as per instructions.  Get aroused by your favourite whatever!!  If necessary, use the vac pump (2).  Have fun by whatever means you enjoy!

Result:  Amazing.  The FirmTech really is a one-way valve.  Combined with just a week nerve signal, arousal achieved insertable hardware for many minutes.  No pump required by the second test!!  More than enough time for potential intercourse.  And yes, the FirmTech can stay on during intercourse as it is very soft rubber.  Probably double as a great clit tickler!

Hopefully, with some more practice and ongoing patience and support from my beautiful partner, my next report will be rejoicing our first intercourse in over 4 years!

Never say never my fellow travellers.

Keep walking,

The Test-icle

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(1) RS Health now stock the FirmTech Performance Ring. Give it a go!!

(2) If you do need to use the vac pump, I recommend you leave the FirmTech ball sack ring around your sack as per instructions but temporarily unhook the “cobra head” from the penis ring. This will enable a good seal for the pump. It then only takes a second to hook the cobra head back around the penis ring. Success!