Cool Beans Underwear

Cool Beans is an innovative, cooling underwear designed to boost sperm health and improve the likelihood of conception for couples, but this is not all they do.
Cool Beans are a registered medical device with the Therapeutic Goods Administration Registrar (ARTG 379655). Who would have though a pair of jocks could be a medical device – the mind boggles!

Cool Beans are far more than your run-of-the-mill underwear, they are designed to keep the testes cool and ensure the scrotum remains on the lap, not between the thighs when seated, which is imperative for sperm health and comfortability.

They are a breakthrough in men’s fertility health. But if fertility isn’t your thing, there is more they do. They keep your testicles cool and in doing so, can improve testosterone levels which gives you your get up and go, sex drive and improves your mood.

These cool dudes also help with pain from varicoceles, providing amazing support. Many older men struggle with scrotal sagging, discomfort, testicular torsion, sitting on scrotum, scrotums that hang low and get in the way when sitting down and post-surgical support.

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